Video Journaling

Well I did a little recording kinda of just word vomit. I think I’ll try to do a weekly update in video format. Tomorrow I start the liquid diet. I’ve bought my soups and my protein. I am waiting for all my vitamins to be delivered but they’re on the way. I have psyllium tablets to take this week, they are supposed to help me feel full. Hopefully that will help with the liquid diet. My doctor didn’t give me a set goal for the liquid week. Just that the calories, sugar and carbs needs to be low. I don’t work well with that so I did some research and gave myself a set amount that I’m allowed each day. So 1500 calories, 32g of sugar and no more than 150g carbs.

So here is it my video:


Kicking Zoloft and Being Crafty

So this last week has kind of been hell. My doctor would prefer I not be on any of my medications. So bye bye zoloft and birth control. I’m guessing I didn’t wean the zoloft correctly because I’ve been having terrible headaches and mood swings. I mean Monday was so bad I practically asked for a divorce and I also deactivated my facebook page. So needless to say this week has definitely been hell.

Even though I haven’t been 100% I’ve been thinking about the crafts I’m working on and the ones I want to start. I have 2 major projects that I’m currently working on

Cross stitch Christmas stocking – this is so cute, I’ve been working on it pretty much all year. If you’re interested in buying/making this stocking here Stack of Critters Christmas Stocking.

Leah Day’s Building Blocks Quilt Along – doing this quilt along as been amazing. Before working on this I had done absolutely no quilting and pretty much no sewing. She’s an amazing teacher and I’m loving how this blanket is coming along. It’s so fun to insert in my finished block into the preview. You can buy the pattern on her website
quilt progress front

On top of these 2, I’m working on 3 other cross stitch projects and have 2 quilts that I’ve been planning. One of them is going to be made out of my daughters baby clothes, and another for my sister with this beautiful fabric from April Rhodes called Arizona. I’ve decided to do a dresden plate type quilt. I saw a beautiful quilt which she called Hopscotch Lane.

Ok time for dinner, 4 more days until liquid diet!


Two Weeks Out

As I’m getting closer to my surgery date I’m getting more and more antsy about the major change that is about to take place. In about one week I will start my liquid diet to prepare my liver for the surgery. I’m worried that I won’t be able to handle that week, and if I can’t handle that how am I supposed to handle after the surgery when the next two months will be liquid protein and pureed food? I know this is going to be the hardest part. I know surgery isn’t an easy way out.

I haven’t made any changes to my eating habits. I know that’s going to make it harder, but honestly if I could easily change my eating habits I wouldn’t be going through with the surgery in the first place.

9 more days until I start my liquid diet. I really need to find a protein shake that I don’t detest..

Intro blah blah blah

I’ve decided I needed an outlet for my weight loss journey, and I’ve starting quilting and sewing so I figured I could just lump it all in together.

I will be getting the vertical gastric sleeve on August 11th. I started the process at the beginning of the year. There were multiple tests, meetings and hoops to jump through before I was approved by my insurance. It was all done within 90 days.

– Initial meeting, provided the different type of surgeries and my options. Also, went over everything I would have to do before they could even submit it to my insurance company to be approved. Weighed in at 268.2lbs. 5’5″ BMI of 44.6 considered morbidly obese.
–  3 group meetings that had to be done in the 90 day timeframe
– Sleep study (was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had to return for a 2nd sleep study to get fitted for a CPAP machine.)
– Psychiatric review
– Stress test (fainted afterwards… good job Steph >_<)
– Nutritional evaluation (really went into detail about how my eating habits would change, what changes I should start making now. What type of vitamins and proteins to start trying)
– EGD which is short for esophagogastroduodenoscopy (say that 10 times fast!)

I’m ready for this change. I keep getting asked if my excited, I’m not sure if excited is the right word. I am excited to be healthier and definitely excited to be skinnier. I’m worried about complications, but not enough to not continue with the surgery. What I’m most worried about is that if I don’t make this change that I will not spend the amount of time on this earth with my baby girl.

So here’s to the journey I’m about to partake in, and the random updates of my quilting progress and random sewing projects I decide to do.

Also, most recent picture of myself was taken 7.20.2014 while looking for clothes for an interview: