Wanting To Cheat

I’ve been doing so good, it’s hard seeing everyone eat around me. It’s driving me crazy. What’s really getting me is seeing how different everyone’s diet could be before surgery. Sometimes it’s a two week liquid diet, I’ve seen people saying liquid one day before. I just don’t understand. I keep thinking that I wasted my last meals on stupid stuff. And it’s stupid to care – the whole point is to make a lifestyle change and all I want is a whole freaking pizza.



Video Journaling

Well I did a little recording kinda of just word vomit. I think I’ll try to do a weekly update in video format. Tomorrow I start the liquid diet. I’ve bought my soups and my protein. I am waiting for all my vitamins to be delivered but they’re on the way. I have psyllium tablets to take this week, they are supposed to help me feel full. Hopefully that will help with the liquid diet. My doctor didn’t give me a set goal for the liquid week. Just that the calories, sugar and carbs needs to be low. I don’t work well with that so I did some research and gave myself a set amount that I’m allowed each day. So 1500 calories, 32g of sugar and no more than 150g carbs.

So here is it my video: