Kicking Zoloft and Being Crafty

So this last week has kind of been hell. My doctor would prefer I not be on any of my medications. So bye bye zoloft and birth control. I’m guessing I didn’t wean the zoloft correctly because I’ve been having terrible headaches and mood swings. I mean Monday was so bad I practically asked for a divorce and I also deactivated my facebook page. So needless to say this week has definitely been hell.

Even though I haven’t been 100% I’ve been thinking about the crafts I’m working on and the ones I want to start. I have 2 major projects that I’m currently working on

Cross stitch Christmas stocking – this is so cute, I’ve been working on it pretty much all year. If you’re interested in buying/making this stocking here Stack of Critters Christmas Stocking.

Leah Day’s Building Blocks Quilt Along – doing this quilt along as been amazing. Before working on this I had done absolutely no quilting and pretty much no sewing. She’s an amazing teacher and I’m loving how this blanket is coming along. It’s so fun to insert in my finished block into the preview. You can buy the pattern on her website
quilt progress front

On top of these 2, I’m working on 3 other cross stitch projects and have 2 quilts that I’ve been planning. One of them is going to be made out of my daughters baby clothes, and another for my sister with this beautiful fabric from April Rhodes called Arizona. I’ve decided to do a dresden plate type quilt. I saw a beautiful quilt which she called Hopscotch Lane.

Ok time for dinner, 4 more days until liquid diet!



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