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I’ve decided I needed an outlet for my weight loss journey, and I’ve starting quilting and sewing so I figured I could just lump it all in together.

I will be getting the vertical gastric sleeve on August 11th. I started the process at the beginning of the year. There were multiple tests, meetings and hoops to jump through before I was approved by my insurance. It was all done within 90 days.

– Initial meeting, provided the different type of surgeries and my options. Also, went over everything I would have to do before they could even submit it to my insurance company to be approved. Weighed in at 268.2lbs. 5’5″ BMI of 44.6 considered morbidly obese.
–  3 group meetings that had to be done in the 90 day timeframe
– Sleep study (was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had to return for a 2nd sleep study to get fitted for a CPAP machine.)
– Psychiatric review
– Stress test (fainted afterwards… good job Steph >_<)
– Nutritional evaluation (really went into detail about how my eating habits would change, what changes I should start making now. What type of vitamins and proteins to start trying)
– EGD which is short for esophagogastroduodenoscopy (say that 10 times fast!)

I’m ready for this change. I keep getting asked if my excited, I’m not sure if excited is the right word. I am excited to be healthier and definitely excited to be skinnier. I’m worried about complications, but not enough to not continue with the surgery. What I’m most worried about is that if I don’t make this change that I will not spend the amount of time on this earth with my baby girl.

So here’s to the journey I’m about to partake in, and the random updates of my quilting progress and random sewing projects I decide to do.

Also, most recent picture of myself was taken 7.20.2014 while looking for clothes for an interview:



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